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Why use Realtor Eric Lewis to get your home sold ? - - - The MLS ? - - - Yes, but much more!

- Experience
    More than 20 years as a full time Real Estate Professional in the Redding area. (view here)
- Realtor and MLS Participation
    Member of the Shasta County Board of Realtors, California Association of Realtors, and
The National Association of Realtors.
    Previous Ethics Committee member for many years (also known as the Grievance Committee)
    -This Committee identifies possible ethical violations brought to them and forwards those with apparent merit to the Professional
-Standards Committee for a hearing.
    Current Professional Standards Committee member, and I have been for many years.
    -As a member of this Committee we have the opportunity to take action when necessary, after holding a hearing with the involved
-parties on arbitrations and ethical violations.
- Recommendations
    Available upon request, a few clients have written notes (view here), Let me know if you'd like phone numbers of others.
- The Internet:-Real Estate has changed dramatically.

A few years ago the Internet had a minimal impact, now it has a MAJOR impact on the Real Estate Market.
    Your Realtor must be pro-active in this arena !

The 2011 profile of Home Buyers and Sellers completed by the National Association of Realtors showed 88% of buyers use the internet to search for a home.
Having a SUBSTANITIAL internet presence is a MUST in the Real Estate market of today!


This TOP Performing web site is at, or near the top in search results for Google, Yahoo and Bing internet search engines for the most common search terms plus a large amount of "long tail" search terms.  Google, Yahoo and Bing are the three most powerful internet search engines in the world and is a prominent web site they trust and rank very well.

Featured Homes:
Properties listed by me will be prominently displayed on the front page as a "Featured Home". includes a large amount of local information, scenic pictures, MLS search capabilities, and area links. Neighborhoods with pictures and general pricing information are also prominent. This is a big help when people are looking to buy a home and why visitors keep coming back.
A sample of the web sites linking to include: - (The largest real estate web site in the world) - (Redding, Anderson, Lake Shasta, Whiskeytown Lake, & Whiskeytown Falls)
- --- --- --- ---
--- --- --- ---
      Your Home being seen by more Buyers - - that's the Goal - - and that's the Result !!
      The largest Real Estate web site in the world is an important part of the marketing of your home.  The information is supplied via the MLS system and I can customize what is shown to best showcase your property.
Your Home will be a "Featured Home" on and it will get priority treatment in searches plus be linked to ........ you guessed it,, where your home will also be featured.
  - One
      A growing web site that has it's own fan base and has similar information to while directing some visitors right here to this page and similar ones.
  - Tierra

A web site that directs its focus on the TIerra Oaks Golf Community in Redding.  Information there looks into the neighborhood, the Golf Course as well as directs visitors to One Redding and Redding-Real-Estate for their Real Estate interests.  

  - Golf
      A partnership is in place with the premier site for Redding Golf and golf in our region of Northern CA.  On every page of Golf there is a link to ........ you guessed it,, right where your home will be featured, as you know very few golfers live on a golf course and they will be seeing your home here very prominently.

Web sites linking to include:
- (Northern California Golf Association, the home of Northern California golf)
- (Redding, Anderson, Palo Cedro, Fall River)
- (Shasta County Attractions within the Sports and Recreation segment)
- (Redding Convention and Visitors Bureau) --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Your Home being seen by more Buyers, that's the Goal, and that's the Result !!

- Multiple Listing Service
    This is a very important aspect of marketing your home. I provide for your exposure to all the agents and brokers in the local board of Realtors who will work with us as a group to get your home sold!
    The MLS is the source for the information and much of the internet based information. How your home is portrayed here is important, pictures that compliment your home are paramount !
    -Your home can, and will be overlooked if it is not presented well !
- Print Advertising
    While this is becoming a relic for the Real Estate industry it isn't dead yet. I will place your home in local Real Estate publications. The sources that still have some reasonable impact include the local paper, the Record Searchlight, and a monthly magazine style publication called The Real Estate Book.
- Negotiations

Time for a bit of fun, and stress. I will work in your best interest in getting the MOST amount possible.

- Escrow
    I have to admit a fault: I'm sometimes obsessed with details. The good news it really helps in the escrow process. Getting things done on time is important, a visit or a couple extra phone calls can make a difference.
- The Value of your Home - - - Selecting a Realtor
    Your selection of a Realtor should be based on who you trust, who you can work with, and who can get the job done while working with your best interests at heart. You should not choose someone who gives you an unrealistic dollar value to get your listing and then come back later to get it reduced.
Take a look at this chart on how long it takes to get a home sold.
- The Pricing of your Home
    Choosing a Realtor on this sole criteria can lead to you being mislead, this has happened more often than you would believe. Lets be smart about it and figure out the asking price together based on the marketplace. With information I have available to me we will get it done !
Be objective, review the comparable sales, assess your time frame and motivation level.

Let's get it SOLD !

Eric Lewis at (530) 227-7722

Why Else Choose Eric?
I believe that when we finish our business, you will WANT to refer your friends and family to me.  My hope is based on your experience with me you will confidently do this without a second thought. That's my goal, that's what I work towards, and I have been fortunate to have it work many times in the past while always working towards more.
We will sell your home with confidence, and integrity. I'll represent you honorably and you will come to know that ethics is an important consideration for me.
So why choose me? First and most important, I know I can offer you an unique experience with professionalism, honesty, and enthusiasm that is unbeatable! Meeting my client's needs and reaching their goals is what this is all about.
I would love to meet with you and talk about your needs and I'm looking forward to the opportunity of being your trusted real estate professional.
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